Welcome to the George Washington Competition & Innovation Lab (GW CIL), a thriving research institution for pioneering ideas in the realms of market innovation and competition!

​At the GW CIL, we're not just observers of the world; we're active shapers of the future.

Our collaboration with the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) amplifies our commitment. This partnership enable us to dive deep into the complexities of market regulations and their impact on entrepreneurial innovation and competition.

​Imagine a world where every market thrives with fair competition and unbridled innovation. That's the world we envision and work towards every day. To manifest this future, we provide groundbreaking research and proactively address critical regulatory challenges.

Our methodology is not only globally inclusive but also encompasses a holistic perspective. We meticulously scrutinize markets around the world, bringing together diverse perspectives to understand innovation in its most comprehensive form.

Our team comprises internationally acclaimed scholars who not only conduct empirical research but also lead the vanguard in knowledge creation. They collaborate with policymakers and engage with entrepreneurs, fostering a climate conducive to innovation and competitive rivalry.

​We invite you to join us at the GW CIL, where passion aligns with purpose. Here, we are not merely envisioning a more prosperous future; we are in the process of actualizing it. Together, we aim to stimulate economic growth and innovation whilst ensuring fair competition. 



Our Mission

Our mission is to shape the future of market innovation and competition through cutting-edge research, global collaboration, and the development of policies that foster equitable growth and entrepreneurial innovation.

Our Vision

The GW Competition & Innovation Lab is a leading research institute that envisions a world where markets are characterized by robust competition, innovative entrepreneurship, leading to sustainable economic growth and societal progress.

Aurelien Portuese

"At the GW Competition & Innovation Lab, we deliver research that ignites regulatory changes and inspire a new generation of scholars to shape global markets and foster economic progress."

Professor Aurelien Portuese
Professor and Founding Director of the GW Competition & Innovation Lab at The George Washington University