Understanding Dynamic Competition

Authored by: David Teece

This paper sees the opportunity for improving competition policy within existing legal frameworks if economic and business analysis can become more dynamic.


Fairness and Contestability in The Provision of Software Application Store Services

Authored by: Padilla, Jorge

On 4 March 2024, the European Commission (‘Commission’) fined Apple 1.8 billion euros for abusing its dominant position on the market for the distribution of music streaming apps to iPhone and iPad...


Recent Application Of The Prima Facie Standard Of Proof In Interim Relief Applications Before Competition Authorities

Authored by: Tshabalala, Mpumi

South Africa is currently experiencing a new surge of interim relief applications that has followed the 2019 Amendment to the Competition Act.


Dynamic Competition As a Double-Edged Sword: A Primer on Antitrust

Authored by: Portuese, Aurelien

Dynamically evaluating competition requires integrating a time dimension into antitrust analysis.


The UK’s Digital Market Regulation: The Need for a Proportionality Principle in the CMA’s New Framework

Authored by: Marinova, Miroslava

The application of the principle of proportionality in competition law enforcement is of utmost importance. However, there are concerns regarding its effective implementation under the DMCC Bill,...


The EU’s Investigation Into Microsoft Teams: A Preliminary Assessment

Authored by: Bergqvist, Christian

EU has opened an antitrust investigation into Microsoft's policy of including the communication software Teams in its Office 365 packages. Very little is known about the case and the alleged...


Two Neglected Effects of Loper Bright

Authored by: Richard J. Pierce, Jr.

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Chevron may have two salutary effects on administrative law.


Rethinking the Legal Test for Excessive Pricing

Authored by: Miroslava Marinova

The legal treatment of excessive pricing in the pharmaceutical sector has been a topic of intense debate.


Draft for an FTC Policy Statement on the Prohibitions Against 'Unfair' Business Conduct

Authored by: Neil Averitt

Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act prohibits unfair conduct in commercial practices. The core prohibitions are the bans on “unfair methods of competition” and on “unfair or deceptive acts...

stock profit analysis

Hayekian Competition Policy - A Historical Perspective

Authored by: Cento Veljanovski

Friedrich A. Hayek's (1899–1992) work on competition policy has been neglected.