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Joint Conference on "Digital Policy and Data Governance in the Age of AI"
Mon, 3 June, 2024 8:00am - 5:00pm



The scientific event explores the intricate relationship between digital trade and data governance in the context of the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). The event will start with the remarks of Senior Deputy Governor Luigi Federico Signorini, followed by two scientific sessions, a keynote address by Prof. Philippe Aghion (College de France), and a policy session focusing on the G7 Data Free Flow with Trust initiative and Cross-Border Payments.

The first scientific session centres on digital fragmentation. The digital economy is growing at breakneck speed. Recent OECD estimates indicate that digital trade reached 25% of global trade in 2020. In this context, Martina Ferracane (Teesside University and European University Institute), Johannes Fritz (Digital Policy Alert) and Oscar Borgogno (Bank of Italy) will discuss the challenges presented by the increasingly divergent regulation of digital spaces and the evolving landscape of digital economy, in addition to the issues posed by the absence of a universally accepted definition for digital trade.

The second scientific session delves into the new trends in digital trade policy. In this session, Javier López González (OECD), Mira Burri (University of Lucerne) and Emily Jones (University of Oxford) will analyse how the digitalization process, from the rise of the Internet to the development of AI, serves as the primary driver of digital trade e. The session will explore the complementary role played by digital trade agreements in lowering barriers and facilitating e-commerce as well as the rising barriers to digital trade.

The keynote address will focus on the intersection between artificial intelligence and innovation policy.

The policy session, "The G7 Data Free Flow with Trust Initiative and Cross-Border Payments," brings together key players in the field of cross-border data flows and cross-border payments. The session will be opened by Daniela Battisti (Department for Digital Transformation) and Stefano Siviero (Bank of Italy). In the session, Jennifer Fowler (FSB), Maiko Meguro (Japan Digital Agency) and Audrey Plonk (OECD) will discuss recent developments in Data Free Flow with Trust (DFFT), and the challenges posed by divergent data frameworks in cross-border payments. The session aims to foster collaboration towards the goals of the G7 Data Free Flow with Trust initiative and of the G20 Roadmap on cross-border payments.

The Scientific and Organizing Committee is composed by: Oscar Borgogno (Bank of Italy; George Washington University Competition and Innovation Lab), Paolo Mazzotti (Bank of Italy); Lilia Patrignani (Bank of Italy); Gianmatteo Piazza (Bank of Italy); Aurelien Portuese (George Washington University Competition and Innovation Lab); Michele Savini Zangrandi (Bank of Italy).

The event will take place in Rome, at the Centro Convegni "Carlo Azeglio Ciampi" of the Bank of Italy. The programme of the event is available at the link below.

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