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Competition Between Antitrust Agencies: ‘What Determinants Influence Antitrust Agencies' Leadership Ambitions?'

While antitrust agencies regulate competition dynamics there is ample evidence that they also engaging in competition amongst their peer agencies to determine which agency is considered the most...

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Critical Decision: COFECE and the Future of E-commerce Competition in Mexico

Mexico’s Federal Commission of Economic Competition (“COFECE”) faces a critical moment regarding the ratification of its Investigating Authority's findings on potential barriers to competition in the...

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Competition and Generative AI: A contribution to the European Commission’s debate

Authored by: Rafael Parisi

With the purpose of contributing to the European Commission’s (EC) call for papers, this essay aims to provide insights on the role and importance of data for generative AI.

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Competition in the Age of Generative AI

Authored by: Abraham Song

The Age of Generative AI has arrived with ChatGPT in 2022. A race for dominance is on and it is clear that the technology will dramatically transform our societies and economies.

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Decentralised Autonomous Organizations: Targeting the Potential Beyond the Hype

Authored by: Oscar Borgogno and Edoardo Martino

Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) aim at innovating the organization forms for business activities.

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Potential Competition and the 2023 Merger Guidelines

Authored by: Richard J. Gilbert and A. Douglas Melamed

The Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission 2023 Merger Guidelines arrived just before Christmas, bringing cheer to advocates of heightened merger enforcement and coal for others more...

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Antitrust For Innovation: A Progress Report

Authored by: Richard J. Gilbert and A. Douglas Melamed

Economists have long understood that innovation has a far more significant impact on economic welfare than the deadweight loss from prices that exceed levels in competitive markets or from other...

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Comments to the Brazilian Ministry of Economy’s Consultations on Digital Platforms Regulation

Authored by: Rafael Parisi

With the purpose of contributing with the Ministry of Economy’s consultations on the regulation of digital platforms (Consultations No. 1, from the Secretariat of Economic Reform of the Ministry of...

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Dynamic Competition and Antitrust: Quick-Look Inferences From the Analysis of Big Tech's R&D Expenditure Ratios

Authored by: Jorge Padilla, Douglas H. Ginsburg, & Koren Wong-Ervin

In this essay we discuss the proposition, held by many economists and legal scholars, that with dynamic competition—i.e., competition for the market through sequential winner-take-all races won...

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Towards Legal Recognition of Decentralised Autonomous Organisations

Authored by: Aaron M. Lane, Darcy W.E. Allen & Chris Berg

Decentralised Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are a typical organisation form in the web3 economy.