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Competition policy is essential for fostering sustainable development and innovation in Brazil's dynamic economy. The Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) plays a key role in this transformation, and its influence on the country's economy has increased. CADE ensures market fairness and integrity by closely monitoring mergers and acquisitions and actively fighting against cartels and abuses of dominant positions.

CADE's supervision promotes economic growth beyond regulatory achievements. CADE's initiatives contributed R$ 12.46 billion (US$2.5 billion) to the Brazilian economy in 2022. Merger control generated R$ 6 billion, fining cartels resulted in R$ 5.3 billion, and unilateral conduct cases brought in R$ 1.1 billion. CADE's assessment and endorsement of more than 600 mergers in 2023 highlight its crucial function in influencing a competitive and lively market.

CADE's robust competition policy promotes innovation and market efficiency, going beyond economic metrics. Consumers benefit from receiving superior quality goods and services at lower prices. A competitive environment enhances Brazil's economy and promotes business and entrepreneurship.

The Lab's Brazil Program enhances understanding and encourage discussion on the intricate connection between competition policy and emerging sectors such as the digital economy and artificial intelligence. We are consistently intrigued by market dynamics and the interplay among antitrust policy, sector regulation, and public policy.

Our goal is to comprehend Brazil's market environment and enhance policymaking to promote market competition and technological innovation through advanced research and engaging discussions. The Lab's program in Brazil contributes to the ongoing discussion to maintain Brazil's competition policy as a global example of economic resilience and creativity.

Rafael Rossini Parisi

Rafael Parisi

Initiative Leader and GW CIL Senior Fellow




Advisory Board


Alexandre Cordeiro

Alexandre Cordeiro Macedo is the President of CADE since July 2021.

Luiz Hoffmann

Luiz Hoffmann is a former Commissioner at CADE.

Lílian Marques

Lílian Marques is the Chief Economist of CADE.

Renê Medrado

Renê Medrado is a Partner at Pinheiro Neto Advogados in the antitrust, international trade disputes, economic law litigation and arbitration practices.

Barbara Rosenberg

Barbara Rosenberg is Partner at BMA Advogados in the antitrust practice since 2006.

Nicolo Zingales

Nicolo Zingales is Professor of Information Law and Regulation at the law school of the Fundação Getulio Vargas in Rio de Janeiro.


Our Research


brazil flag

Comments to the Brazilian Ministry of Economy’s Consultations on Digital Platforms Regulation

Authored by: Rafael Parisi

With the purpose of contributing with the Ministry of Economy’s consultations on the regulation of digital platforms (Consultations No. 1, from the Secretariat of Economic Reform of the Ministry of...

bridge in brazil

The Regulation of Competition in Brazil: Comments on the Digital Markets Law Bill (PL 2768/2022)

Authored by: Rafael Parisi

The bill presently under consideration in the Brazilian Congress, referred to as Bill No. 2768/2022 (hereafter “the Bill”), merits a reevaluation due to its potential adverse consequences on...

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